ShutEye Deep Sleep Temple Patch
ShutEye Deep Sleep Temple Patch
ShutEye Deep Sleep Temple Patch
ShutEye Deep Sleep Temple Patch
ShutEye Deep Sleep Temple Patch

ShutEye Deep Sleep Temple Patch

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This ShutEye sleep patch claims to promote deep sleep, longer sleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed!

The ShutEye sleep patch is applied to your skin to allow for slow, continuous absorption all through the night. The natural ingredients specially formulated for superior performance so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Unlike other melatonin liquid, cream, and pill forms, this ShutEye is perfect natural nighttime deep sleep aids that work throughout the night and it's also ideal for jet lag use.

It's not just about falling asleep but the quality of sleep. In deep sleep, your body produces important hormones. Long-term and short-term memory is supported. Also, cell regeneration, tissue, and bone repair along with the strengthening of the immune system occur in deep sleep. Not getting a quality night sleep is linked to many diseases and health concerns.


Sleep Like A Baby
Relieve Stress and plunge into relaxation with the power of nature! Never again will you have sleepless nights. Just stick the patch to your temple point, reach the deep sleep and wake up rejuvenated, and you are ready to seize the day!

Mood Enhancement
This deep sleep patch produces for uplifting spirits and relaxing the mind while aiding in creating a sleep-inducing environment.

Take The Patches Everywhere
Set off on business travel, a weekend trip, or a holiday and make sure your night sleep will be peaceful in all conditions! Take the spray bottle wherever you go to prevent insomnia and other sleep disorders in hotels and other rented accommodation!

A Special Gift For Your Loved One
Treat a loved one or family member to the beneficial effects of this deep sleep patch and help them sleep like babies! Superbly effect, compact, and competitively priced, the ShutEye makes an amazing gift that will put a wide smile on the lucky recipient’s face!

Easy To Use
Just peel and stick on the Temple Point, Ophryon Point, or Peaceful Sleep Point to enjoy the deep sleep you've been dreaming of. Apply one patch before you go out or the following morning. Leave on up to 12 hours.


Melatonin, Hops, Valerian, L-Theanine, Skullcap, 5-HTP, GABA, Passion Flower, Cosmoperine (Black Pepper). They are good for improving your mood, relaxation, and getting you in the right mindset for sleep.


Product type: Sleeping Patch
Shelf life: 24 months
Not suitable for: Baby, Pregnant woman, Foster-nurse
Variant: 5/10/20 pieces Pack

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