Artemisia Argyi Essential Oil
Artemisia Argyi Essential Oil
Artemisia Argyi Essential Oil
Artemisia Argyi Essential Oil

Artemisia Argyi Essential Oil

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Do you want to keep in good health but feel like your own body is fighting against you? Then you should consider using Artemisia Argyi Essential Oil for liver protection.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Artemisia Argyi, known as Silvery Wormwood or Chinese Mugwort, is considered to have bitter, pungent, and warm properties and to be associated with the liver, spleen, and kidney meridians

It is a compound that increases your metabolism and helps improve blood circulation. This oil aids in controlling your blood sugar and insulin release, which in turn keeps your sugar cravings in check.


  • Good Results - This essential oil helps to improve blood circulation effectively. It eliminates the accumulated toxin from the body and helps reduce the burden on the liver.
  • No Side Effects - This essential oil is non-invasive and has zero side effects.
  • No Pill Consumption - No long-term effects on the kidney and liver.
  • Promote Relaxation and Calm the Minds - Provides relief from stress and anxiety
  • Help Reduce Gain Weight and Promote Overall Digestive Health
  • Relieve Cough and Reduce Sputum
  • Reduce Menstruation Pain and Disorders


  • Rub the oil onto your chest, abdomen, arms, legs to feel the oil's benefits. 
  • For a more localized effect, wet a towel, add a few drops of your essential oil of choice, and use it as a hot or cold compress.
  • Some droplets into warm water for body or foot bath able to promote relaxation and calm the minds
  • Droplets into warm water for drinking also helps to relieve cough and reduce sputum


  • Few droplets for massaging before sleep. 
  • Use 2 to 3 times per week for body and foot bath.
  • For best results, use continuously for 3 months.


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