Ageless Neck Cream Roller
Ageless Neck Cream Roller
Ageless Neck Cream Roller
Ageless Neck Cream Roller
Ageless Neck Cream Roller
Ageless Neck Cream Roller

Ageless Neck Cream Roller

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Perfect Christmas Presents for you and your sisters!

Get yourself a self-care beauty product by having this Ageless Neck Massage Cream with two rollers that return you a nice and firmed neck!

The massage cream has the Hexapeptide, effectively firming on your neck to reduce the lines, and even moisture out your skin. Also with the 2 rollers on the tube, to help the cream absorbs better on your skin. 


> Improves Lymphatic System

The two head roller allows you to improve your lymphatic system by repeatedly massaging from cheek to neck. 

> Anti-aging Ingredients

It contains Hexapeptide, the active ingredients for anti-aging effects

> Anti-wrinkles and Tightening 

With Hexapeptide, it helps in reducing fine lines, anti-wrinkles by tightening the neck and face using the roller. 

> Moisturizing

Moisturizes your skin, as fine lines are mostly caused by dryness of the skin. 

> 2 Massager Roller

Made by silicon, safely to use, and to increase the effectiveness of cream absorption on the skin by repeatedly roll on the cream on your neck. 

How to use:

1. Open the cap and rotates the head of the tube on position.
2. Press the tube to let the cream out on your palm.
3. Slowly use your palm to rub using body heat, and apply it on your neck by pushing upwards.
4. Use the roller to roll on the neck after the cream applied until the cream has been fully absorbed.
5. You may use the roller on your lymphatic system or your cheek and forehead for the lifting effect.
6. Use twice a day for better results. 


  • Standard Pack ( x1 Ageless Neck Cream Roller)
  • Value Pack ( x2 Ageless Neck Cream Roller with 30% OFF )
  • Super Value Pack ( x5 Ageless Neck Cream Roller with 40% OFF)

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